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Corner Guard Installation Instructions

Items required for installation:
- Contractors silicone ( you can purchase this on our website)
- Silicone gun
- Painters tape (green)
- Knife to cut silicone tube tip

Step 1
Dry fit corner guard to insure it will fit the corner properly.

Step 2
Using contractor grade silicone cut the tip of the tube at an approximate 30 degree angle with the opening being a ¼” diameter.

Step 3
Before applying the silicone to the corner guard insure the corner guard is clean on the adhesive side and the corner being treated is also clean to guarantee a good adhesion.

Step 4
Place corner guard on ground and apply a ¼” bead in an ‘S’ pattern on both legs making sure to stay about a ½” away from the edge to prevent silicone from squeezing out when installed to the corner. If this happens simply just wipe away excess with a paper towel.

Step 5
Apply corner guard to wall and use painters tape to secure corner guard to wall while silicone sets up.

Step 6
It is best to wait 24 hours before removing painters tape but this can be done as early as 8 hours after installation. Once you have removed painters tape, remove the protective film from the corner guard (on stainless steel c/g’s) and you are finishe