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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the term Gauge mean?

A: The term Gauge is used to describe the thickness of the metal. The smaller the number the thicker the metal. Example: 18gauge is .048 of an inch thick while 12gauge is .105 of an inch thick.


Q: What is galvanized metal?

A:Sheet, strip, or other steel item coated with a thin layer of zinc for corrosion resistance. A corner guard made from galvanized metal would generally be used in a more industrial setting where the function of the corner guard is more important than the appearance. It is also a more affordable option than a stainless steel corner guard.


Q: Why does not offer corner guards with holes for screw fastening?

A: Through many years of fabricating and installing corner guards, we have found that using contractors grade silicone instead of mechanical fasteners is the easiest, quickest and the strongest way to install the corner guard. We have yet to find a situation where a mechanical fastener would work better.


Q: What is the most popular corner guard that sells?

A: Our 1.5” x1.5” x 48” tall 18ga brushed stainless steel corner guard is by far the most popular corner guard sold. We believe the reason for this is due to the fact that it is affordable, attractive and offers excellent corner protection for most situations. The specification sheets for most new commercial builds almost always call for this exact corner guard. Our second most popular one is the 1.5” x 1.5” x 48” 16ga brushed stainless steel corner guard.


Q: What is satin coat metal?

A: Satin coat metal is a metal that has gone through the coating process much the same as galvanized metal and offers the same corrosion resistance but instead of the shiny smooth finish that galvanized has it comes with a dull finish and a bit of texture. This texture is subtle but is great for paint to adhere to unlike galvanized which paint will not adhere well to. A satin corner guard would be used on a corner that needed protection but where you would also want to paint it to blend in with the color of the wall.


Q: What does the term set edge mean?

A: The term set edge is used to describe a slight bend put a ½” in from the edge of each leg of the corner guard. The reason we do this to insure the guard “hugs” the corner tightly as most corners are not always a perfect 90 degrees from top to bottom.


Q: How long does it take to ship my order?

A: will have your order shipped within 24 hours from the time you have placed your order. When it will arrive will depend on where you are located and what shipping method you chose. Local orders (with city limits of Calgary Alberta) will be delivered to site the very next day if order is placed before noon.


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